October 2015

Impact has a lot of new employees. You can find more information about them on this website, under the category ‘people – daily team’.

September 2015

After the summer we will put full energy in another new project: studying the dossiers of 800 young adults who (almost) were sentenced to a “behavior affecting measure”.

July 2015

Impact launched a new project: the planning, process and effect evaluation of the training “Choose for Change” for detainees.

February 2015

Impact is the moderator at “diners pensants” for the Dutch Secretary of Security and Justice, Mr. Teeven. Guests are judges, prosecutors, representatives of Dutch Child Wellfare and the NIFP.

April 2014

Impact develops innovative ‘e-supervision’ for delinquent youth. More info? Then click here for the flyer.

March 2014

After four happy working years at Prins Hendrikkade 120, Impact will be moving halfway march! To the end of the street, that is: At Prins Hendrikkade 193 a beautifull new office awaits us.

January 2014

As part of the project on young offenders, Janine Plaisier and Mayke Mol held a presentation for psychologists and psychiatrists of the NIFP.

November 2013

On november 26th Mayke and Vera attended the symposium ‘Effective behavioral interventions, let’s see what really works’ of the Dutch Accreditation Committee for Behavioral Interventions. Among the speakers was Jim Bonta, reknowned researcher in the area of behavioral change in offenders, and a member of Impacts knowledge network. Mayke and Vera accompanied Jim to The Hague, where Fergus McNeill, Ruth Mann and Friedrich Lösel also spoke. Secretary of State, Mr. Fred Teeven of Safety and Justice opened the symposium.

January 2014

Together with Noterik BV, Impact develops a system for tailored and innovative e-supervision for juvenile offenders.

May 2013

Impact is invited to a dinner meeting with Minister Opstelten and State Secretary Teeven of Security and Justice.

April 2013

As part of Impacts participation in the EU COST project on probation supervision, Janine visited the COST Action Conference 2013 in Liverpool. Additionally, she met with Meg Blumson (see photo) who is part of Impacts international knowledge network.

April 2013

Impacts new website goes online.
This site was designed and built by Anton Feddema and Hermien Woudstra.

March 2013

In collaboration with Noterik BV Impact works on an innovative project on the behaviour of juvenile and adult offenders.

June 2012

Prof. Dr. Bertjan Doosje, member of Impact’s international network, was appointed professor radicalization studies for the FORUM Frank Buijs pulpit at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Impact congratulates him!

April 2012

This year Impact’s knowledge network does not meet, but Janine Plaisier will visit all members. She recently joined dr. Frank van Gemert to his lecture on writing biographies about criminals. She also joined prof.dr. Alfred Lange on a meeting on emergency care for an audience of psychiatrists .

January 2011

Mark van der Giessen BSc, Vera Hoetjes BSc and dr. Daphne Wiersema are welcomed as new colleagues.

September 2010

Mayke Mol, almost graduated as a clinical developmental psychologist, is a new member of Impacts daily team.