Don’t worry, be happy

In the British documentary “Do not Worry, Be Happy” presenter Michael Mosley tries to find out how he can live a happier and more optimistic life.

On police and prison in India

The video below shows a presentation of Kiran Bedi. Kiran is the General Director of the Indian Police and the former Director of an immense prison in India, which was transformed into a center for prevention, education and meditation. The video takes about 8 minutes.

The secret power of time

The short presentation below shows the social psychologist Zimbardo on the ‘time perspective’: whether people exhibit risky behavior depends, among other things, on whether they mainly reflect on their own behavior in the past, present, or just about the implications for the future. This principle is also used in behavioral interventions for offenders, where they learn to control their impulses and to think about the consequences of their behavior. Zimbardo is famous for the Stanford Prison Experiment, in which he showed how ordinary people in certain circumstances, can start abusing other people in no time. He did so with an experiment in which students were given the role of custodian detainees. The experiment got completely out of hand. This video takes about 6 minutes.

What makes people go wrong?

The TED presentation below shows the same psychologist Zimbardo. This time he speaks on whether people are bad themselves, or bad behavior also may be caused by the circumstances or the system. this video is specially interesting for people working in prisons.
Beware: shocking images are shown in this video.
Impact has developed a system for positive behavioral influencing of inmates by prison staff, which results from eg Zimbardo’s investigation. If you want you can click for English subtitles: bottom left of the video screen. The video takes about 20 minutes.

Stop it

In order to learn new behavior people usually take much time and practice. But not all behavioral interventions have to last forever. Below you find a humorous video about this topic. The video takes 6 minutes.